Mission Statement: Helping You Reach Your True Potential

We provide comprehensive coaching, support, and guidance to business leaders. This will be carried out in a climate of loyalty and strict confidentiality. in order to help individuals and organisations achieve their strategic aims, this support will be carried out in a culture that is open, transparent and honest. PJ Management Consultants will provide services and support to the public and private sectors alike, no matter how small or large in configuration.


Coaching Definition = Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance anFuture Directiond development of another (Downey, M. 2003).

If the team of a clipper wishes to win an important and prestigious race, it is vital that the team is led by someone who possesses excellent leadership skills. The leader must be acutely `self aware’. Furthermore, the leader must also ensure that the team is appropriately trained, developed and experienced. If of course, the leader and team wish to win!



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Welcome To PJ Management Consultants - The Greek Temple

The Greeks started to build temples thousands of year’s ago. Interestingly, many of these classic temples still stand today. Although these temples were originally dedicated to a God or Goddess, they were designed for specific purposes on secure foundation stones. Furthermore, the name Satori is a Buddhist term that means sudden enlightenment and awakening. This fits with our organisational values and culture.

The Greek Temple is a classic example of how fine workmanship has stood the test of time. Furthermore, the use of the Greek temple is an interesting management metaphor. This is because the temple is frequently used to illustrate the components that make up an organisation (De-Wit) and its culture (Handy). However, at Satori, we take the organisational components even further. That is, we add leadership development and coaching as a key component, especially, at executive and senior management levels too. However, we also focus on leadership development at junior levels also. Furthermore, at Satori, we argue that leadership, mission, values and organisational culture are intertwined.

An example of the temple, and its relationship with management theory is now explained

Business System Diagram

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