Programme Outcome

As the opportunity to transfer and implement learning is vital to the success of any intervention, this programme is designed not only to enhance personal development, but more importantly, its outcomes are linked to achieving success in relation to the particular business imperatives facing each individual.

Participants will:

  • Learn and develop their own leadership style and capability
  • Set personal leadership development objectives
  • Focus their personal leadership style on their particular business environment
  • Help build the creation of effective organisational leadership
  • Enhance their ability to know and control themselves, particularly when leading others
  • Explore how to truly develop and inspire others around them
  • Help foster a culture where succession planning and leadership development go `hand in hand’.

Management and Leadership Development Courses

At Satori, we work with future clients to develop tailor made management and leadership development programmes that are appropriate to the organisation and its culture. Creating a formal program for developing the next generation of senior managers can pay large dividends, but many companies are failing to reap the potential rewards. It is now widely accepted that in a world where resources are hugely expensive, that succession management planning, and leadership development, must go hand in hand. This course is aimed at middle managers upwards.

Our leadership development programmes commence with identifying the organisations organisational culture. Leadership development and organisational culture are intertwined. We then go onto look at various leadership models.

We use a number of assessment tools that allow us to benchmark each of the middle managers leadership profiles. This is in order to create a heightened level of self awareness. Our leadership development programme is specifically designed for middle and senior managers wishing to progress in leadership roles in organisations. The program we offer is modular in nature, and occurs over a six month period. A breakdown is provided below:

Delegate Profile
This programme is specifically designed for middle and senior managers who need to become more `self aware’ and to explore different and relevant leadership theories prior to embarking on career progression within management.

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