Life Expectancy

There has been a dramatic increase in life expectancy for men and women over the last few years.

During the time of the Roman Empire, an average citizen might expect to live 28 years. By the turn of the 20th Century, an American could anticipate celebrating his or her 48th birthday. In the early 21st Century, a Japanese woman reaching 80 would not be unusual.

Life expectancy in some countries may be even higher than thought - with the average Japanese living beyond 90. It will soon be common to see people regularly living to be 100.

The question is, however, how will you spend these additional years, and get them off to a good start, and make the most of them?

Retirement Courses

At Satori, we also supply a one day pre-retirement course.

At Satori, we provide a one day course that gets your retirement off to a good start. We provide information that looks at health, and how to stay healthy. Furthermore, life style changes that can enhance this prospect without it becoming a chore. Retiring and purchasing home abroad, and how to avoid the potential pitfalls in relation to law and inheritance.

Hobbies for the new generation of Baby Boomers and beyond are also considered. Why not consider a joint interest in SCUBA diving or ski-ing, or trekking in the Himalayas?